Terms and Conditions

All customers have a 7-day partial money back guranteed. Must not be worn and returned in the same condition as recieved.  Please understand that shipping will start within 7-14 business days after your order has been confirmed and a confirmation email has been sent. Your confirmation email is seperate from the initial email sent after purchase. Please check that you chose your order item, contact information, sizing, shipping address, and billing address that you are submitting is correct as it cannot be modified or changed. As orders cannot be modified, they can only be cancelled if there are critical errors in your order. We reserve the right to cancel any high-risk order. Limited stock is available for and upcharge of $25 for 2-day shipping.  If a product is returned, you will be charged a $50 restocking fee per item. If you are returning an item, you are responsible for shipping fees. This agreement serves as a digital signature that the purchaser understands the before mentioned terms and they forfeit their right to request a chargeback from the credit card used for purchase on this transaction.